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Greetings and salutations!

I am a storyteller, animator, and world-builder living in Viborg, Denmark.  I recently graduated with a bachelor's degree from The Animation Workshop, where I was working on the 3rd Year film La Chambre du Général. And have done a Professional training course in Storyboarding after 


I have been called a lateral thinker by those close to me, which often comes into play when analyzing information, problem-solving, joking, and general way of being.  


I thrive well in group work. I loved having the opportunity to direct a NGO film Plastic Punches, during my second year of study.


I believe I am good at taking in the larger scope and tuning in to others wavelengths, while still retaining my own opinions. 


My interests include: 

Animation (in any form), Character Design, Writing, Pitching, Directing, Storyboarding, Illustration, Acting, and Building things with my bare hands.  


If you want a reliable, happy-go-lucky team member, who is up to take on any challenge; 


I'm just the guy you need. 



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Angry People Studios

Story consultant, Cleanup Artist

HEDH, Music video | October 2023

Højer Design efterskole

Animation Teacher

Intro to project development | SEP 2023


Game commercial, Asset Designer

Skull Beat, Vidio game | JUN 2023 - AUG 2023


Enkiernes Verden

2D Animator

Pilot Episode | 2022


Storyboard Intern

Vokabulantis, Vidio game | MAR 2022 - MAY 2022

Animanostra Portugal

Animation Intern

O rochedo e a onda, Short Series | AUG 2021 - NOV 2021


The Animation Workshop

Animator, Storyboarder, Writer

La Chambre du Général, Short Film | AUG 2020 - JUN 2021

Plastic Change

Director, Animator, Voice actor, Storyboarder

Plastic Punches, commercial | DEC 2019 - JUN 2020


The Animation Workshop 

Animator, Sound Designer, Voice actor, Writer 

A Dental Dilemma, Short Film | APR 2019 -MAY 2019

The Animation Workshop


Beneath the surface, short Film | Aug 2018


The Animation Workshop

Professional Training Course in Storyboarding 

SEP 2022  - DEC 2022


The Animation Workshop

Bachelor in Character Animation

AUG 2018 -  JAN 2022

The Drawing Academy

Semester Course in Classical Drawing

AUG 2014 - DEC 2014


The Drawing Academy

Semester Course in Classical Drawing

AUG 2013 - DEC 2013

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